Ueli Steck ascended the Eiger North Face in a new record time

Ueli Steck ascended the Eiger North Face in a new record time

Swiss speed climber Ueli Steck has regained his record for the fastest climb of the Eiger’s North Face.

The climber soloed the classic Heckmair Route in a time of 2hrs 22mins on Monday in near-perfect conditions, beating Dani Arnold’s ascent record by five minutes.

Film-maker Samuel Gyger today posted remarkable footage on YouTube of the 39-year-old making the ascent.

Interviewed in the film, Steck says his heartbeat never rose above 165 beats per minute, compared to 190 during his previous record-breaking ascent in 2008. He believes a sub-two-hour climb is possible.

Gyger’s Samcam company used drone footage as well as conventional camera work, with Gery Gafner joining him during the ascent.

It was Ueli Steck’s second ascend of the North Face in less than a week. The previous Wednesday, the Langnau im Emmental mountaineer set a new team record for the 1938 route with fellow Swiss climber Nicolas Hojac.

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