Derby MRT members receive the kit from Gill

Derby MRT members receive the kit from Gill

A mountain rescue team has received more than £5,000-worth of kit after being spotted using second-hand clothing during the recent Cumbria floods.

Nottingham-based sailing clothing manufacturer Gill provided water gear to Derby Mountain Rescue Team after reports on social media mentioned they had to rely on old waterproof kit.

The team was among many to converge on Cumbria to help the Lake District teams in the huge rescue operation during Storm Desmond.

After learning about their situation, Gill offered the rescue team 12 of its hardwearing Pro Drysuits, which provide complete protection against the wet and cold.

They also donated 12 new buoyancy aids, which will help members of the rescue team as well as those in need. The total retail value of the donation came to over £5,000.

John Deverill, managing director of Gill, said: “When it was brought to our attention that the Derby Mountain Rescue Team was using old clothing during the floods in Cumbria, we didn’t think twice about making a donation.

“They work in emergency situations and save lives, so they shouldn’t have to worry about their kit. We believe our waterproof gear is the very best in the country – it’s designed for the most extreme sailing conditions on the planet – so we knew it would be perfect to keep the Derby Mountain Rescue Team safe, warm and dry.

“And if that can ultimately help those in need, it’s worth every penny.”

Graeme Poole, Derby MRT water section leader, said: “Without the correct kit the task of search and rescue can be more hazardous than it needs to be and is potentially unachievable.

“This amazing and generous donation from Gill Marine will ensure that we can put 100 per cent trust in our equipment and therefore 100 per cent focus on those in need.”

Team leader Julian Walden added: “Mountain rescue is so much more than assisting lost walkers.

“With over 50 years of service to the community, Derby Mountain Rescue Team carries out lowland and rural search and rescue operations and, increasingly, we are supporting neighbouring teams in searches of waterways and the authorities in major incidents such as the Cumbria floods last week.”

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