Jochen Lagemann of PrimaLoft

Jochen Lagemann of PrimaLoft

A leading manufacturer of insulation used by many outdoor brands has become the first ‘ingredient’ member of a European trade association.

The European Outdoor Group announced PrimaLoft had joined the organisation.

The new partnership was decided by the EOG at the annual assembly meeting held before the ISPO trade show in January this year. Following the decision in 2014 to include retailers as group members, the board proposed a further expansion to incorporate product ingredient brands, subject to eligibility criteria.

PrimaLoft is already a long-standing member of the Outdoor Industry Association in the United States. PrimaLoft said it is joining the EOG on an equal status, and with the same conditions, as existing EOG members.

Jochen Lagemann, managing director of PrimaLoft Europe and Asia, said: “We highly appreciate joining the EOG as the first ingredient brand, to contribute to the group through our global experience in the outdoor, sports and other sectors.

“We are looking forward to continuing to drive a sustainable approach together, from sourcing to the end consumer.

“Our contribution will not only help our brand customers through product innovation, but also will support the EOG in working on new concept approaches to further develop and expand our industry and provide a stronger collective voice. Motivating new target groups and increasing public visibility and relevance is very important for a passionate industry such as ours.”

Mark Held

Mark Held

Mark Held, general secretary of the EOG, said: “We welcome PrimaLoft as the first product ingredient brand to join the EOG as it commits to work with members to meet objectives that will benefit our entire industry.

“As our association continues to grow, our members fully understand that by working together in key areas, we can address many of the challenges that we all face within our industry, with an overall goal to maximise the opportunities that exist for our growing and increasingly global industry.”

PrimaLoft, based in Latham, New York and with offices in Germany and China, produces high-performance insulations and fabrics used in global outdoor and fashion brands, home furnishings, workwear, hunting and military equipment.

PrimaLoft insulation was originally developed for the US Army as a water-resistant, synthetic alternative to down.

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