The team that took part in last year's North Face survey. Photo: Dave MacLeod

The team that took part in last year's North Face survey. Photo: Dave MacLeod

Climbers, mountaineers and walkers are being asked to avoid areas of Britain’s highest mountain while a survey takes place.

The Nevis Landscape Partnership said scientists and climbers will be scattered across the North Face of Ben Nevis next week.

The partnership appealed, in the interests of safety, for members of the public to avoid the areas where the geological and botanical survey is taking place.

A spokesperson for the organisation said: “This is the third and final year of Nevis Landscape Partnership’s ambitious project to create a comprehensive geological and botanical map of our highest mountain.

“Working with geology experts from Midland Valley and using innovative digital mapping has made surveying previously thought inaccessible areas a reality.

“The use of mountain guides to set up rigging and big abseils into dark, previously unexplored nooks and crannies has also benefited the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland and led to multiple new population discoveries in year one and two.”

The main areas the teams will be focusing on this year will be Observatory Gully, Orion Face and Little Brenva Face.

The spokesperson said: “Due to the risk of rock fall the team have asked the general public to avoid these areas.

“The team will be using fixed rope anchors along the edge of the summit plateau and for the safety of those working below they ask that all ropes and anchor points are avoided.

“The whole North Face is likely to be scattered with scientists, mountain guides and Nevis trainee rangers who will be assisting throughout the week. Normal access to and from Ben Nevis’s summit via the mountain track will not be affected nor will access to the CIC Hut via Torlundy.”

The Nevis Landscape Partnership programme is a five-year £3.9m scheme, consisting of 19 projects aiming to encourage people to engage with the natural and cultural environment of both Ben and Glen Nevis.

Partners are: the Heritage Lottery Fund, Scottish Natural Heritage, Highland Council, Forestry Commission Scotland, John Muir Trust and the Nevis Partnership who are the host organisation for the programme.

There are also a number of smaller funders helping finance specific projects.

The survey on the North Face will take place from Monday 8 to Friday 12 August.

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