The group was found when they walked into the cavers' camp. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

The group was found when they walked into the cavers' camp. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

A group of lost walkers on one of Yorkshire’s Three Peaks was located when they walked into a camp of cavers taking part in an annual meeting.

The four men called for help after getting disoriented while descending Ingleborough on Friday, heading for Horton in Ribblesdale.

The Clapham-based Cave Rescue Organisation was called out about 10.55pm.

A spokesperson for the team, which conducts both fell and cave rescues in the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas, said: “While speaking to them, their mobile phone ran out of battery, before their exact location could be ascertained.

“As a search was being organised of the eastern flank of Ingleborough, a further call was received from the Gaping Gill winch-meet to say that the four walkers had arrived at their location.”

A small group of rescue volunteers drove a team vehicle up to Trow Gill, about a mile from the walkers’ location. They then made their way on foot to the group of four and then brought them back down to Clapham in the vehicle.

The spokesperson said: “Due to the lack of availability of local taxis, the party was then transported back to their car in Horton.”

The winch meet is operated during the August bank holiday week by Craven Pothole Club and by Bradford Pothole Club at the May bank holiday. The clubs set up a winch to allow non-cavers to descend the main 100m-deep shaft of Gaping Gill, one of Britain’s largest natural caverns.

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