Several large boulders fell on the Steall path. Photo: John Muir Trust

Several large boulders fell on the Steall path. Photo: John Muir Trust

A Highland path that was closed after a huge rock fall left it in a dangerous state will re-open this weekend.

The John Muir Trust said the route through the Steall Gorge in Glen Nevis will open to walkers on Saturday.

The charity owns the land, south of Ben Nevis, where a large landslip brought tons of debris down on to the path from Meall Cumhann, a 698m (2,290ft) outlier of Britain’s highest mountain, during the night of 13 September.

Many large boulders were left in precarious positions on and above the path. The trust said, while safety work above the path has been finished, work to repair the path itself will continue for several weeks.

Anyone visiting should be prepared for short delays if the path team are moving or positioning rocks, it said.

Alison Austin, Nevis land manager at the John Muir Trust said: “A team from local specialists Stonescape will now spend a few weeks making repairs to the path itself. We’re able to open the path again, but we would ask anyone using it to follow all safety instructions and advice given by the team on the ground.”

The trust said it had been able to speedily complete the repair works to the path and surrounding area, estimated to be in about £30,000, thanks to the generosity of its supporters and members.

Donations to its Wild Ways path appeal can be made online.

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