The entrance to Long Churn Cave, near Selside. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

The entrance to Long Churn Cave, near Selside. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

A caver was helped from a Yorkshire Dales hillside after injuring himself underground.

The 47-year-old called for help after dislocating his shoulder in a fall at Upper Long Churn Cave near Selside.

The Clapham-based Cave Rescue Organisation was alerted shortly after 1pm on Thursday.

A team spokesperson said: “A caver slipped at the middle entrance to Long Churn and, in saving himself from a more severe fall, put out his arm, which caused him to dislocate a shoulder.

“He then walked up to the upper entrance, hoping that rest would aid recovery. The pain worsened, so he rang for help. The first CRO member on scene assessed the injury, then began assisting the casualty down the hill.

“Both were met by other CRO members and a team vehicle. After being given pain relief, he was shuffled onto the rear seat and driven, very gently, down to the roadhead, for transfer to a road ambulance.”

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