The Allotment, on the flanks of Ingleborough. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

The Allotment, on the flanks of Ingleborough. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

A dog was rescued from a Yorkshire Dales fell when it became exhausted on a walk.

The 11-year-old labradoodle was walking with his owners between Clapham and Horton in Ribblesdale.

The Cave Rescue Organisation was called out about 3.25pm on Saturday and sent a team vehicle with four of its members on board to The Allotment, on the flanks of Ingleborough.

A team spokesperson said: “With some coaxing, Sydney tottered on to within a short distance of a decent vehicle track. He was carried to the team vehicle and transported to Clapham for a drink and feed.

“That left two people to set off back to Clapham, on foot, so a second vehicle was sent to retrieve them.

“This was good news for a different party of three who had taken a wrong turn off the Three Peaks Walk route, arriving in Clapham while aiming for Horton in Ribblesdale.

“As a CRO vehicle was heading that way, in any case, they were taken to Sulber crossroads, to walk the last two miles or so, down to Horton – but we promised not to tell on them.”

Earlier in the day, the team was in action near High Birkwith, when a 24-year-old woman attempting the Yorkshire Thee Peaks Challenge injured her ankle in a slip.

The team spokesperson said: “One of her companions backtracked about 500m to where two CRO members were staffing a checkpoint on the annual CRO Challenge event.

“A team vehicle was sent, pain relief administered and the ankle splinted, before all were taken to meet an ambulance at Horton in Ribblesdale.”

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