Work in progress to resurface Cam High Road, with Addleborough in the distance. Photo: Yorkshire Dales NPA

Work in progress to resurface Cam High Road, with Addleborough in the distance. Photo: Yorkshire Dales NPA

Part of a historic road across the Yorkshire Dales fells has been resurfaced with financial help from two user groups.

Five Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority rangers and five Dales Volunteers spent three days on the work on the Cam High Road above Hawes.

Two recreational motorised vehicle users’ groups together gave more than £4,000 towards the work, which included clearing drains and raking and tamping 166 tonnes of limestone aggregate along a 1.25km (¾-mile) stretch of the lane, which was originally part of a Roman road running from Lancaster to Bainbridge. It is one of the highest ancient roads in the national park.

The green lane is designated a byway open to all traffic, which means it can be used by walkers, cyclists, horse riders and vehicles and motorbikes. The North Yorkshire group of the Green Lane Association donated £2,000 and the North Yorkshire and Teesside group of the Trail Riders Fellowship donated £2,500.

Matt Neale, area manager (north) for the ranger service, said: “The contributions from Glass and TRF are greatly appreciated.

“The Cam High Road is a valuable link in the local public rights of way network, and one that can be enjoyed by walkers, horse-riders, mountain bikers, as well as recreational vehicle users in 4×4s or on motorcycles.

“Having both Glass and TRF help us maintain these routes and encourage responsible use of the national park is a positive step forward. We are increasingly relying on donations from users of the national park to help us to maintain the trail network.”

Stone for the work was brought by lorry to the site from a local quarry.

Barry Mounty, the North Yorkshire representative for Glass, said he was glad the association had been given a chance to have a ‘positive impact’ on the Dales. “The green lanes in the Dales are my backyard,” he said.

“I’ve been enjoying them for 30 or 40 years, and I’m really glad the association has been able to make a contribution towards the repair of the Cam High Road. We need to take care of the green lanes and preserve them, so that they can be there for everyone – for the hobbyist green laners like me, for horse riders, walkers and cyclists.

“The Cam High Road is a great road to travel on – the pleasure is in getting out into the open air, standing back and admiring the gorgeous views.”

Leo Crone, rights of way officer for the TRF, said the fellowship wanted to keep the road usable. “The Cam High Road represents everything I as a trail rider enjoy: stunning scenery, which is accessible and steeped in history.

“Money spent keeping it in good condition benefits everyone. As an organisation we see the Yorkshire Dales national park engaging with motorised users in a positive way.”

The work took place in the week beginning Sunday 10 September.

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