The lights were spotted on both sides of Crib Goch. Photo: rockabilly_girl CC-BY-2.0

The lights were spotted on both sides of Crib Goch. Photo: rockabilly_girl [CC-2.0]

Two rescue teams were involved for more than seven hours in bringing to safety walkers in difficulties on the Snowdon massif.

Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team was alerted about 5.35pm on Saturday after lights were spotted on both the south and north sides of the Crib Goch ridge.

A team spokesperson said: “A team co-ordinator sent two team members to investigate and establish the location.

“It was established by the hill team that there was someone in difficulty on the cliffs of the south side of Crib Goch. Due to their location a request for a Maritime and Coastguard Agency rescue helicopter was made, and a full team callout.

“Llanberis and RAF Valley team members with rope rescue kit were deployed from our base in Nant Peris to Llyn Llydaw by 4×4, and then deployed on foot up the east ridge of Crib Goch.”

The Coastguard helicopter was defeated by weather conditions on the mountain and had to return to its base.

The Llanberis MRT spokesperson said: “The hill party reached the casualty and he was put in a helmet and harness.

“He was then roped off the cliffs to safety then assisted back down to a team Land Rover at the causeway of Llyn Llydaw, and returned to our base.

“The lights on the north side turned out to be the rest of the casualty’s party.”

While the rescue was underway two men were reported to be overdue on the Pyg Track or Miners’ Track. It was reported they only had their mobile phone light.

The spokesperson said: “They were found safe and well just before Bwlch y Moch on the Pyg track by team members investigating the lights on Crib Goch.”

The rescues involved 11 members each from the Llanberis and RAF Valley teams for more than 7½ hours.

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