The 'body' turned out to be discarded rubbish. Photo: Keswick MRT

The 'body' turned out to be discarded rubbish. Photo: Keswick MRT

Rescuers in the Lake District were alerted after walkers found what they thought was a body in woods.

Police requested the help of Keswick Mountain Rescue Team to investigate the discovery on Monday.

Volunteers from the team went to the site overlooking Thirlmere about 4.30pm and confirmed there was no body.

A team spokesperson said: “A lady walking with a friend spotted what appeared to be a bivvy bag with a body in it, in a remote location near the top of Raven Crag, Thirlmere.

“Her friend confirmed that what they saw looked like a body.

“The police then requested the team to check out the area, so a small team in a Land Rover went up the back of The Benn to investigate.

“The item turned out to be a black bin liner, adjacent to another area which had two disused tents and a load of discarded camping equipment. The team cleared the area and piled the debris to be retrieved by the landowner.

“It’s regrettable that folk can use such a beautiful area, and then leave it in such a disgusting state.”

The incident involved seven Keswick MRT members for almost three hours.

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