The injured man is lowered down the steep slope. Photo: Aberdyfi SRT

The injured man is lowered down the steep slope. Photo: Aberdyfi SRT

A walker was rescued in the early hours from a hillside in mid-Wales after injuring his knee.

Aberdyfi Search and Rescue Team was called out shortly after 2am on Sunday after the 19-year-old had alerted the Coastguard.

The man, from Aberystwyth, slipped while walking on the hills above Tre’r-ddol, east of Borth.

A team spokesperson said: “With failing battery power on his mobile, the man had managed to call the coastguard on a marine VHF channel.

“The Coastguard rescue team located and stabilised the man as the mountain rescue team was contacted. A stretcher party and casualty carers from the team helped splint and load the man, and then lower him down the steep slope to waiting team vehicles.

“With no ambulance immediately available, a team member dropped the casualty at Bronglais hospital for further assessment.”

Aberdyfi Search and Rescue Team members returned to their base at 6.30am.

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