The climber fell on Milestone Buttress . Photo: Bob Smith/grough

The climber fell on Milestone Buttress . Photo: Bob Smith/grough

Rescuers have praised a rock-climber for her efforts after she injured herself in a fall on a Snowdonia mountain.

Ogwen Mountain Rescue Organisation also thanked two other climbers who went to the woman’s aid after the incident on Tryfan.

Chris Lloyd of the rescue team said the climber was completing the final pitch of Milestone Direct on the Milestone Buttress about lunchtime on Saturday when she fell out of the chimney landing back on the ledge. She broke her wrist in the fall.

Mr Lloyd said: “Initially, they thought that they could rescue themselves before wisely calling for mountain rescue, in case they could not. As the team was mobilised, two rock climbers on an adjacent climb offered assistance.

“The ‘hasty team’ of two mountain rescuers had made their way up to the casualty to administer casualty care and the two climbers used the climbing ropes to set up an abseil.

“Fortunately, the ropes reached the ground so all could escape the crag. The casualty walked off the mountain to their vehicle.”

The woman’s partner followed the team’s advice and took her to hospital in Bangor before their drive back to Bristol.

Mr Lloyd added: “The casualty is to be congratulated for her superb efforts during this incident and the two climbers are thanked for their useful assistance: the spirit of mountaineering and rescue at its best.”

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