The pair got stuck on Striding Edge. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

The pair got stuck on Striding Edge. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

Two walkers had to be rescued after getting stuck on Striding Edge.

The couple from Skelmersdale in Lancashire became cragfast on the ridge and called for help about 4pm on Saturday.

Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was called out and went to the aid of the pair on Helvellyn, close to the ‘bad step’.

A team spokesperson said: “A hasty party of five team members was deployed to go to their aid and walk the stricken pair off the arête.”

Eight Patterdale MRT volunteers were involved in the four-hour rescue.

On Thursday morning, the team was called out when a 30-year-old from Leeds became unwell while wild camping on Sheffield Pike.

An ear infection caused him to become very unsteady on his feet and he was suffering from vertigo and vomiting violently.

The spokesperson said: “The team treated the young man with medication to alleviate his symptoms as best as possible but because stretchering him was proving difficult it was decided to request the assistance of a Coastguard helicopter to evacuate him to the valley bottom and further, more definitive medical care.

“The whole callout took five hours and involved nine members of the team. Patterdale MRT would like to thank the crew of the Coastguard helicopter for their assistance which almost certainly reduced team members’ time on the hill by half and meant the casualty could receive relatively prompt onward care.”

Patterdale MRT was alerted a second time on Saturday when the partners of two walkers reported them overdue from a walk.

The pair had set off from Glenridding heading for Keswick. Police contacted the rescuers about 9.10pm.

The spokesperson said: “As the team began making plans for a search the walkers turned up safe and well at their intended rendezvous point.”

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