Rescuers stretcher the injured woman from Ullock Pike. Photo: Keswick MRT

Rescuers stretcher the injured woman from Ullock Pike. Photo: Keswick MRT

Rescuers in the Lake District were called out to help a relative of one of their team members when she injured her ankle.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team was called out to Ullock Pike on Monday when the woman went over on her ankle and could no longer bear weight on the leg.

Rescuers were alerted about 5.45pm to aid the team member’s wife, who suffered the injury while descending the fell.

A team spokesperson said: “Keswick were short on numbers given it was a bank holiday and called in assistance from Cockermouth MRT who responded with five team members.

“The lady was splinted and then stretchered down to the road from where she was driven to hospital.”

The incident involved 13 Keswick MRT volunteers and five from the Cockermouth team and lasted 3¾ hours.

The previous day, the Keswick team was called out to one of its usual rescue hotspots when six walkers got stuck on Barf after taking a difficult path, becoming cragfast.

The spokesperson said: “Unsure of their route up and not confident to take the loose scree path down, they called the team out.

“A small group of team members reached them quickly and the decision was taken to walk them up to the summit and then down the main footpath which offers a much easier route.”

Eight Keswick MRT members were involved in the rescue, which lasted just over two hours.

Later that day, the team was alerted to a missing 18-year-old walker who was reported missing by his friend in the area around Force Crag mine.

The spokesperson said: “A small team including two search dogs were sent to search the Stoneycroft Beck and Force Crag mine area. The misper was quickly located and walked down to the road and then given a lift to meet up with his friend.”

The 2½-hour incident involved nine rescue team members.

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