Mountain Rescue England and Wales chair Mike France: 'we need public's help'

Mountain Rescue England and Wales chair Mike France: 'we need public's help'

Volunteer rescuers in England and Wales have issued updated advice for anyone heading for the hills.

Many mountain rescue team members have day jobs in essential sectors and they want to be able to continue to provide their expertise as the Covid-19 crisis continues.

Mountain Rescue England and Wales, the umbrella body for teams south of the border, said it is following the national health protection advice and applying it to its situation – as everyone should be doing at this critical time.

Mike France of the organisation said: “For nearly 90 years, mountain rescue has been there to help anyone, free of charge, who gets into difficulty in the outdoors.

“Our volunteers want to continue to provide this support to the emergency services but that means they need to stay well themselves. We are calling on the public to give us our best chance to do this.”

MREW gave the following advice:

  • Please avoid all but essential travel and do not to take any unnecessary risks. If you are going to go out, you should walk, climb or cycle well within your capabilities so that you can keep yourself safe and not need us.
  • If you need MR assistance but suspect you may have Covid-19 or have been in contact with someone who has it then please, tell the police this information as soon as you can when calling 999 for help.

It added that those volunteers in mountain rescue teams who have day jobs that will be important in the coming weeks and months, such as paramedics and NHS staff, need to stay well and focus on that work. MREW said: “We need the public’s help to make this possible.”

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