The relaunched MREW website

The relaunched MREW website

The umbrella body for mountain rescuers south of the border has relaunched its website, with a plea for help to fund its volunteer teams.

Mountain Rescue England and Wales has also provided more safety information as the number of callouts increases as lockdown is eased, particularly in England.

MREW senior executive officer Mike France said: “Mountain rescuers across the country are having to deal with tougher fundraising environments.

“That’s going to have a huge impact for a service that relies on public support and donations. By making the MREW website much clearer about donations and support, we should be able to help.

“Supporters can find a local team, shop online in support of MREW or make a national donation and it’s all very clear and straightforward.

“Similarly, teams across England and Wales are having to respond to increasing numbers of callouts as lockdown eases. They will struggle to meet the demands of working safely with PPE if callout numbers come anywhere close to those we were seeing in some areas in recent years.

“Walkers, cyclists, mountain bikers, climbers and others venturing outdoors need to #BeAdventureSmart and take responsibility for their own safety. The new website has plenty of practical advice on how to do this.”

Andy Simpson, the organisation’s media and communications director, said: “People get so much of their information and inspiration online so we need the MREW website to be as focused, as clear and as useable as possible.

“The new website will direct people to their local teams and, if there isn’t an obvious choice, they can easily support mountain rescue via the national organisation. That’s the hope and I am sure our regular supporters will be spreading the word and letting others know about the website in the coming weeks.”

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