Kit Collective aims to help minority participants enjoy the outdoors. Photo: Rachel Sarah Media

Kit Collective aims to help minority participants enjoy the outdoors. Photo: Rachel Sarah Media

A project that aims to increase the diversity of those taking part in outdoor activities has won the backing of major brands.

Salomon, OMM, Rab, Lowe Alpine, Grangers, Not the Safe Route, RMBLR, Sigg and Ordnance Survey have donated gear to the Kit Collective for its launch.

The project aims to promote diversity by providing quality kit from outdoor brands to community leaders and organisations which specialise in coordinating activities for the black, Asian and minority ethnic community in the UK.

It was created by a group of outdoor enthusiasts and athletes from diverse backgrounds and disciplines and is initially concentrating on walking and hiking but hopes to move into other outdoor activities too.

A spokesperson for Kit Collective said: “Lack of diversity has long been an issue in outdoor communities across the world.

“Not only have recent events surrounding the #BlackLivesMatter movement highlighted the need in our community for more inclusion and diversity in outdoor sports, but also the need for action from businesses in the industry.

“Making outdoor activities more open and accessible to BAME community members is crucial for positive change. The project targets some of the barriers by providing gear to participants through initiatives that welcome different cultures and promote confidence, safety and awareness in the outdoors.

“While this is by no means the solution to the problem, the team believes it is a step in the right direction and hope to encourage action and awareness from the community and industry as a whole.”

Initially it is working closely with Mosaic Outdoors and Black Girls Hike UK.

The spokesperson said: “The contribution from brands in the outdoor industry is key to making this on-going project possible.

“The Kit Collective provides a way for businesses to get more involved in diversifying the outdoors. They can get measurable results on how their contributions to this collaboration directly benefit the BAME community. Video and social media content will also be provided to brands to promote their involvement in the project and the initiatives it supports.

“There’s still a long way to go and long-term collective action is the only way forward. The team welcomes brands and community groups to get in touch and get involved.”

Kit Collective has established a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The project has also set up its own website.