Rescuers accompany the lost walkers from the fells. Photo: Keswick MRT

Rescuers accompany the lost walkers from the fells. Photo: Keswick MRT

A family group of walkers attempting part of the Coast to Coast walk was rescued after getting lost in a section in the Lake District.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team was called out at 8.45pm on Monday when the man, his wife and their daughter rang police for help.

The walkers became disoriented on the route between Grasmere and Stonethwaite, above Lining Crag.

A team spokesperson said: “A small team was sent up the Borrowdale valley and 25 minutes after setting off from Stonethwaite found the family part way up the Greenup Gill valley.

“The family’s mobile phone battery had finally died after repeatedly trying to call for help when they lost the path and ended up bog-hopping around Greenup Edge. The one call that got through was enough for a general fix on their location.

“The team escorted the family down to the valley with torches and then drove them to Borrowdale Hostel where they were staying.”

The incident lasted just over 2½ hours and involved 10 team volunteers.

The rescue scene near Force Crag. Photo: Keswick MRT

The rescue scene near Force Crag. Photo: Keswick MRT

The Keswick team had earlier been called out to aid a seriously injured mountain biker.

Team members were alerted about 6.25pm when the 60-year-old man crashed at speed on the main track from Force Crag towards Braithwaite when a sheep leapt out in front of him.

The team spokesperson said: “Although his helmet saved him from a significant head injury he still sustained severe facial and possible spinal injuries.

“A group of walkers were nearby and raised the alarm. One of the walkers was an A&E doctor who carried out a thorough assessment and made sure the spine was protected from movement.

“Keswick MRT were quickly on scene and the medical team provided first aid and pain relief. The casualty was placed in a vacuum mattress and stretchered to one of the team vehicles.”

Because of the man’s injuries, the team requested help from a Coastguard helicopter. Rescuers stretchered the cyclist to a field behind Braithwaite Institute where he was handed over to the Coastguard crew.

The rescue lasted just over 2½ hours and involved 17 Keswick MRT members.

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