Team members tend to the injured walker on Carl Side. Photo: Keswick MRT

Team members tend to the injured walker on Carl Side. Photo: Keswick MRT

Lake District rescuers have warned that police may attend incidents during lockdown to check on any possible breaches of rules.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team said, because Cumbria is covered by tier-four restrictions, the county’s police force has informed them officers may investigate when the team is called out.

Under government regulations passed in December, people in tier-four areas must not leave their homes without reasonable excuse, one of which is to take exercise outdoors alone or with members of their household, or with one other person.

Guidance from the Westminster Government says travel for outdoor exercise should be done locally wherever possible, but people can travel a short distance within their tier-four area to do so if necessary, for example, to access an open space.

The Keswick team was called out for the first time this year on Sunday. A 20-year-old woman was descending Carl Side on the Skiddaw massif when she slipped on an icy path and suffered a bad ankle injury.

A member of her group called 999 and requested mountain rescue help.

A team spokesperson said: “Fortunately Keswick team vehicles were able to access the forest roads up Dodd and it was only a short walk to the woman.

“After providing pain relief the ankle was reduced and she was stretchered down a narrow and awkward path to the team vehicles. She was then transported to an ambulance waiting at the car park at the bottom of Dodd.”

The two-hour incident involved 15 Keswick MRT volunteers.

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