Team members escorted the three people to safety. Photo: Patterdale MRT

Team members escorted the three people to safety. Photo: Patterdale MRT

Three people had to be led to safety after getting stuck on Striding Edge on Helvellyn.

Rescuers said the wintry conditions on the ridge were too challenging for the walkers.

Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was called out at 2.30pm on Tuesday after being alerted by Cumbria Constabulary.

A team spokesperson said: “The three persons had set off that morning at around 9am with a plan to ascend Helvellyn via Striding Edge.

“When they got past the chimney and before the final scramble up to the summit, the terrain became too challenging to go on and equally too challenging to turn back.”

By the time team members reached the group, it was dark and the walkers were very cold and wet.

“The casualties were warmed up in a shelter and provided with warm dry clothing and heat packs,” the spokesperson said.

Rescuers led the group onto the mountain’s summit and then descended into Brown Cove. They were then taken by team Land Rover to the Patterdale MRT base.

The spokesperson said: “Fortunately they sustained no injuries and recognised that they had not been sufficiently prepared to take on the challenging route in the wet wintery weather conditions.”

The seven-hour rescue involved 12 volunteers from the Patterdale team. The rescuers advised hill-goers to visit the Adventure Smart website for advice on keeping safe in the outdoors.

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