Rescuers at the scene at Slades Beck. Photo: Keswick MRT

Rescuers at the scene at Slades Beck. Photo: Keswick MRT

A group of walkers was rescued from the slopes of Skiddaw after retreating from their ascent in worsening weathers.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team was alerted about 3.30pm on Saturday when one of the walkers was unable to continue her descent.

Three walkers attempted to reach the summit of 931m (3,054ft) mountain via Jenkin Hill and Little Man.

A team spokesperson said: “As they gained height the wind increased and the ground got increasingly snowy which, alongside the often driving rain, sleet and snow made for some very cold conditions.

“After going over Little Man the party decided to beat a hasty retreat down the slopes towards Slades Beck to pick up the path coming down from Carl Side to Millbeck.

“The female by this stage was really struggling with the cold and her legs were buckling under her. By the time they got down to Slades Beck her legs were so cold she could no longer continue so they called for mountain rescue help.”

RAF Mountain Rescue Service members who were training in the area joined Keswick MRT and made their way to the site.

“On arrival the team found the casualty on very steep ground above the beck,” the spokesperson said. “She was in a survival bag and being prevented from sliding down the slushy slope by one of their group. A group shelter was erected and the female slowly warmed and given warm dry clothes.

“A stretcher rescue would have been next to impossible in the steep-sided stream valley so fortunately for everyone the female was eventually able to stand and start to make progress down protected by a rope and supporting team members.”

The spokesperson thanked the team from RAF Leeming for their help and added: “Ask yourself and all of your party three questions before you set off: do we have the right gear? Do we know what the weather will be like? Are we confident we have the knowledge and skills for the day?”

The rescue lasted just over 2¾ hours and involved 13 Keswick MRT volunteers and three RAF rescuers.

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