Rescuers at the site in Newlands. Photo: Keswick MRT

Rescuers at the site in Newlands. Photo: Keswick MRT

A man was rescued after injuring himself with sight of search-dog handlers who were training nearby.

The incident happened near Low Snab Farm in the Newlands valley on Saturday.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team was called out about 2.20pm.

A team spokesperson said: “A 48-year-old man was nearing the end of his day of training for the local 10 in 10 challenge when he slipped on a wet patch of ground below Goldscope Mine and fell sustaining an injury to his ankle.

“The Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs happened to be training close-by and were able to quickly come to his assistance.

“The dog handlers, all members of different Lakes teams, were able to assess and splint the ankle and offer reassurance to the casualty while waiting for Keswick team to arrive.

“Once on scene a stretcher was assembled and the man loaded on for possibly the world’s shortest stretcher carry to the Land Rover, all of 30m.”

The injured man was taken to Keswick Cottage Hospital to await an ambulance to take him to the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle.

The spokesperson said: “Top tip: if you are going to have an accident try to be within sight of a rescue team!”

The incident involved 10 Keswick MRT volunteers and lasted 1¾ hours.

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