The second group got into difficulties on The Knott, left. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

The second group got into difficulties on The Knott, left. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

Rescuers were called out twice in two days to aid groups attempting the Coast to Coast Walk who got into difficulties on the Lake District fells.

Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was alerted about 9.15pm on Monday when three women in their 60s were reported overdue in arriving at their accommodation at Patterdale youth hostel.

The group, who were following the long-distance route that runs from the Cumbrian coast to the North Yorkshire shore, had last been seen at Grasmere village in the early afternoon. They were reported to be well equipped and experienced.

A team spokesperson said: “A few minutes later Cumbria police received a 999 call from one of the occupants of a holiday cottage in the Grisedale valley reporting that a woman had arrived at their accommodation having run down the valley to raise the alarm.

“She was a member of a party of three walkers and her companions were ‘in a bad way’. The woman and two other occupants of the holiday cottage had headed back up the valley to offer assistance.”

Ten rescuers set off up the valley in two team vehicles and met the descending group above the holiday cottage.

“The women were exhausted and cold, but otherwise unhurt,” the spokesperson said. “They were transported back to the rescue centre and provided with warm drinks before being driven to their accommodation.”

The incident involved 17 Patterdale MRT volunteers and lasted two hours.

The following day, team members were called out to four elderly walkers who were also tackling the Coast to Coast Walk.

The spokesperson said: “They had set off from Patterdale earlier in the day and as they got towards the Knott the weather deteriorated and started raining and low cloud.

“One of the four slipped and fell. She was unhurt but felt that it wasn’t safe to carry on due to the conditions. The other female in the party was also blown off her feet.

“They rang the police for advice and the rescue team were called. The duty leader spoke to the walkers and pinpointed where they were on a PhoneFind. A limited callout was initiated and three team members ascended from the valley bottom to meet up with the group.

“They were then escorted back to the team Land Rover and taken to Patterdale Base where they waited for a taxi to take them to their overnight stay at Shap.

“This was the second incident within 24 hours where the parties were doing the Coast to Coast. Both parties were well equipped for the weather conditions but succumbed to deteriorating conditions on both rescues.”

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