The rescue scene above the cavern entrance. Photo: Edale MRT

The rescue scene above the cavern entrance. Photo: Edale MRT

A performance by comedy singer-songwriter John Shuttleworth had to be abandoned after a concert-goer ended up precariously stranded 100ft above the venue entrance.

The gig took place at the Peak Cavern near Castleton on Thursday, but had to be stopped halfway through.

Edale Mountain Rescue Team was alerted to the incident by police.

A team spokesperson said: “A gentleman who had travelled to attend the Peak Cavern John Shuttleworth concert had followed his sat nav while walking from his overnight accommodation to the venue but had somehow managed to end up on dangerous ground above the entrance to the cavern.

“He came into extreme difficulties and slipped, just managing to catch a tree to arrest his fall, inches from a 100ft drop to the cavern floor.

“Unfortunately the concert had to be cancelled and people had to be evacuated from the area due to the danger of rocks being dislodged onto the concert-goers below.”

The Peak Cavern, also known as the Devil’s Arse, is used regularly for events and has hosted film showings and gigs by Jarvis Cocker Richard Hawley. John Shuttleworth is an alter ego of comedian and musician Graham Fellows.

Shuttleworth Tweeted on Friday: “Last night a man was on the way to my gig, but got lost and slipped and fell off a cliff. He was saved by a tree stump, and rescued in a giant nappy!”

Team members set up a technical rope rescue. Photo: Edale MRT

Team members set up a technical rope rescue. Photo: Edale MRT

Edale MRT’s spokesperson said: “Team members made their way to the top and quickly rigged up a technical rope rescue system.

“Once this was all in place, a team member was lowered down to the gentleman’s position, where he was secured into a technical rescue harness. The gentleman had suffered a cut and some bruising above one of his eyes, other than that, he seemed fit and well.

“The team then hauled both the rescuer and the gentleman back up to the crag top, where he was handed over to a hazardous area response team paramedic for further assessment.

“Fortunately the gentleman did not need further hospital treatment and was given a lift back to his accommodation by a team member.

“The team were stood down at 11.17pm. However, some team members returned to our nearby base to sort out and restock all the ropes and hardware used, finally arriving home in the early hours.”

It was the team’s 48th callout of the year.

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