Review: The Cateran Trail by Jacquetta Megarry

This handy guidebook provides pretty much all the detail you need to undertake this five-day walking trail through Perthshire and Angus.

12 April 2016

Review: The Round, In Bob Graham's Footsteps, by Steve Chilton

On Sunday 13 June 1932, a teetotal, vegetarian Keswick guest-house owner set out on a challenge that would set the standards for Lakeland fellrunning for decades.

12 March 2016

Fifty years on, Berghaus celebrates with HQ revamp and Extrem range relaunch

One of the UK’s best known outdoor brands has completed a major refurbishment of its headquarters in the North-East of England.

13 December 2015

Review: Fife Coastal Path by Sandra Bardwell and Jacquetta Megarry

This guide to the route around the coast of the Kingdom of Fife is comprehensive and well researched and its format should allow anyone tackling the long-distance walk to pack only the book to help them find their way.

11 October 2015

One up, one down, as hill sleuths promote one munro top and demote another

Three amateur surveyors who use professional equipment to accurately measure the height of hills recently turned their attention to two munro tops that were close to the qualifying altitudes for the official tables.

11 September 2015

Review: The Montane Spine Race Film

“Are you concerned someone might die?” – “Of course,” comes the reply from Philip Hayday-Brown early in this film.

27 July 2015

Adam Perry posts third Fellsman win as Jasmin Paris sets new women's record

Cumbrian runner Adam Perry posted a hat-trick of wins in the gruelling Fellsman event with his victory in this year’s race, run in difficult conditions.

27 April 2015

Trust us, pleads Lake District boss as he reveals more sell-offs are on the cards

The Lake District National Park Authority has come under sustained attack from outdoor enthusiasts, politicians and campaigning bodies for its decision to put eight pieces of land on the market, including the well loved Stickle Tarn, in the shadow of Pavey Ark and its challenging Jack’s Rake scramble.

21 March 2015

Into the hot seat: new boss Gordon Watson's vision for the Lomond national park

The man in the hot seat at Scotland’s first national park has told grough why he thinks the controversial proposals to ban camping on many of its loch shores are vital to conserve the environment of the park.

03 February 2015

Should you buy a satellite emergency device before heading for the hills?

Mountaineering news this winter has been dominated by two massive searches for people who went missing on Ben Nevis and in the Cairngorms.

05 April 2016

The outdoors year in view: our look back through 2015's triumphs, tragedies and curiosities

This year has provided the usual tales of triumph, tragedy and downright oddness in the great outdoors.

28 December 2015

Take a look behind the scenes as outdoors retailer Decathlon continues UK expansion

A few metres in front of me, someone in a lion outfit punctures a basketball on a spike; then a man dressed as a magician swirls his cloak to reveal a drinks bottle.

24 October 2015

Review: The Walker’s Handbook by Hugh Westacott

This is the fifth edition of Westacott’s handbook, subtitled: Everything you need to know about walking in the British Isles.

26 September 2015

Hill sleuths go in search of truth about Welsh nuttall Moelwyn Mawr

With upwards of 20,000 copies sold of John and Anne Nuttall’s guide to The Mountains of England & Wales – Volume 1: Wales, which is published by Cicerone, the book can lay claim to being one of the most popular guides to hills in Britain.

03 August 2015

Pull on your boots and head for Asturias, Spain's walkers' green paradise

Mention a Spanish holiday to most people and a vision of pale British flesh roasting on a beach on one of the costas is likely to spring to mind.

04 July 2015

In search of solitude: hillwalking pair reveal the Remotest Hills of Wales

There are many reasons for taking a walk to the top of a hill. Solitude must be near the top of the list for many peakbaggers eager to escape the pres...

13 April 2015

How I cheated death after a fall on an icy Lake District mountainside

On Valentine’s Day 2012 Paul Besley went for a winter’s walk on Dow Crag in the Coniston Fells. Heading back to the valley he found his way obs...

25 February 2015

Lake District boss speaks out over zip wires, cuts and the importance of paying to park

He’s in charge of England’s biggest national park; he’s a big fan of the outdoors and adventurous activities; and he’s no stranger to conflict.

15 January 2015


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