Winter Climbs in the Cairngorms

This latest edition of the guidebook to the Cairngorms' winter climbing routes details more than 500 routes.

21 January 2012

The Wainwright Letters, edited by Hunter Davies

The Lakes poets are credited with turning a hitherto disregarded wild area of England into a honeypot for tourists.

23 October 2011

Isles at the Edge of the Sea

In 1773, Samuel Johnson joined his Scots friend James Boswell in a tour of the Hebrides that would produce not one but two accounts of the journey through the Highlands to the islands.

06 July 2011

Hi-Tec V-Lite Altitude Ultra Luxe WPi boots

Cost £100 SRP Material Leather uppers with ion-mask technology waterproofing Outsole Exclusive Vibram rubber design Midsole Advanced Stabila-Flex, contoured thermo-plastic bi-fit board with CMEVA midsole for cushioning and support Sizes Men’s 7-13 Women’s 4-8 both including halves Weight 1,140g Crampon rating B0 (not crampon compatible) Country of manufacture Indonesia The search for waterproofness is the Holy Grail of the outdoor industry in the UK.

23 March 2011

The highs and lows of our country's top spots

Why? It's the hardest question. The who, what, where, when and even the how can usually be dispatched with a cursory examination of basic facts. But w...

26 September 2009

Review: The Backbone of England

Every journey should have a goal; so said that lukewarm aficionado of the Pennines Alfred Wainwright.

24 March 2008

Hill Walking Essentials DVD: advice to help you on the hills

The number of rescues we report here on grough is testament to the potential dangers of walking on Britain’s hills and mountains.

11 January 2009

Authors explore Britain's 'cotton wool' view of safety

Public Safety and Risk Assessment By David J Ball and Laurence Ball-King Is Britain wrapped in cotton wool.

14 November 2011

The UK's County Tops, by Jonny Muir

The UK’s County Tops Jonny Muir The book is journalist-turned-teacher Jonny Muir’s logical follow-up to his 2009 travelogue Heights of Madness, which charted his 5,000-mile trip three years earlier in which he cycled the length of Britain summiting the highest point in 91 historic counties.

11 October 2011

Pathways: journeys along Britain's historic byways

Most of us, when we head out into the country, gravitate to the paths that criss-cross our land. Our eye is instinctively drawn to those little gre...

12 June 2011

New book will help walkers make sense of the Lake District landscape

What goes through a fellwalker’s mind as he or she slogs up a Lakeland mountain? Often it’s concentration on route finding; a brief stop to adm...

04 December 2010

Fun in the Buff, from fellside to kitchen

On test: Original Buff/Polar Buff I must admit, that when I was first handed a circular piece of light, patterned material known as a Buff, and asked to ‘try it out’ I was a bit bemused as to where to start.

09 March 2009

Review: Call Out Mountain Rescue

A former Prime Minister once put at the top of his priorities: education, education, education. It’s not a bad idea, especially if your priorities a...

11 July 2008


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