Our software is part of the next generation of websites, it is a web application that requires functionality not available in some older browsers.

In order to display and calculate the locations, distances, timings and other details for routes and points of interest, grough route relies on your browser’s JavaScript engine and VML, SVG and canvas technologies. Some of these aren’t supported by all browsers yet, and where possible we’ve provided workarounds to ensure as many people can use grough route as possible.

In Internet Explorer in particular, these workarounds add to the amount of calculation carried out, and users who aren’t using powerful computers may find that grough route runs slow on their systems.

A large void exists between the Internet Explorer and some other browsers for the Windows operating system. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari have all recently improved JavaScript performance and are highly recommended for using grough route.

If you do not wish to change from using Internet Explorer for the majority of your internet browsing – then we suggest using an installation of Firefox Portable for grough route – this will occupy less than 30MB of space. Google are currently working on Google Chrome Frame, which will allow you to use the faster next-generation technologies from within Internet Explorer – but a stable release has yet to come. If you wish to try Google Chrome Frame anyway, you can find more details here.