Derry Brabbss photo adorns the front cover

Derry Brabbs's photo adorns the front cover

The Wainwright Society, aficionados of the chronicler of the Cumbrian fells, is to produce its first ever pictorial calendar.

The A3-sized production features a cover by professional photographer Derry Brabbs, whose pictures illustrated many of Alfred Wainwright’s later ‘coffee table’ books. Other photographs have been taken by society members and donated free of charge.

Profits from sales will go to the Fix the Fells scheme run within the Lake District national park to help reverse erosion and maintain paths on many of the routes described by Wainwright in his celebrated Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells. The Heritage Lottery Fund will double any donations to the appeal.

In addition to the photos taken by society members, each month has a Wainwright sketch and quote from the former borough treasurer who spent every weekend recording the Lakeland fells.

The calendar will go on sale at the society’s annual memorial lecture at Rheged, Penrith, on 10 October. Copies can also be ordered through the Wainwright Society website.

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