The Berghaus Live for Adventure team

The Berghaus Live for Adventure team

Top British climber Leo Houlding will feature in gear manufacturer Berghaus’s first television campaign.

The Alastair Lee-produced adverts will kick off the brand’s new Live for Adventure tag and will also feature fellow outdoors athletes Philippe and Anna Gatta, Rob Jarman and Leah Crane.

Shot by the award-winning director over 10 days in the Italian Dolomites, the commercials combine climbing, high-altitude ridge running, mountain biking and Base jumping, and end in an outdoor party.

Live for Adventure will launch first in the UK in an autumn campaign that is being orchestrated by Berghaus’ UK marketing team. The company is investing £800,000 into an integrated schedule of TV, print, outdoor and digital advertising backed by parent firm Pentland Brands.

Caroline Smith, Berghaus head of marketing for the UK and Europe, said: “Berghaus has always been about more than simply helping people to get into the outdoors. Much as that is important, we know that it’s the deep enjoyment of the outdoors and adventure that drives this brand and the people associated with it.

“For 45 years, Berghaus has played a big role in enabling the public to experience and then relate their personal stories of exploration and adventure. From the highest peaks and adrenaline fuelled action to a scenic stroll in the hills, most people have a great tale to tell.

“Live for Adventure goes further than an advertising campaign and will give consumers loads of opportunities to share their adventures and remind themselves and each other why the outdoors is so special.”

The campaign launch coincides with the second phase of the Berghaus Adventure Challenge, an initiative designed to encourage grassroots adventure and exploration, awarding £1,000 plus £1,000 worth of products to one applicant each month for six months, with every winner selected by a public vote at the Berghaus website.

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