The Coast to Coast walkers lost their way last night in the Greenup Edge area

The Coast to Coast walkers lost their way last night in the Greenup Edge area

Mountain rescuers today issued a warning – to colleagues along the Coast to Coast Walk route – after a hapless group had to be rescued twice in two days.

Rescuers in the Lake District expressed their frustration at the group’s refusal to heed advice to give up their challenge.

A mountain rescue team member suffered a serious ankle injury during one of the night-time rescue missions after the group of three walkers, who were relying on a guidebook rather than maps, twice went astray and were reported overdue.

Three separate mountain rescue teams plus members of the Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs were involved in operations to find the walkers who in both instances were found off the route of the 309km (192-mile) Alfred Wainwright-devised walk that starts at St Bees Head and ends in Robin Hood’s Bay.

The walkers were first rescued in the early hours of Friday morning after going astray between Ennerdale and Rosthwaite.

Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team was called out and requested help from colleagues in the Keswick team. Three search dogs and handlers also took part in the rescue and the group was located at Gatesgarth Farm in Buttermere.

But rescuers were alerted the following night when the walkers again failed to make their destination after leaving Borrowdale.

Langdale Ambleside MRT was called out and again requested help from Keswick colleagues.

A Keswick MRT spokesperson said: “The team was tasked with checking out the route from Stonethwaite to Greenup Edge, while one of the team’s search dogs went round to Wythburn to assist a Langdale party and dog.

“Fortunately, the group was located fairly close to the road by a Lakes search dog, and they were helped off the hill.”

A Langdale Ambleside MRT spokesperson added: “The 75-year-old male in the party had sustained a lower leg injury.

“There might have been slightly more sympathy for the group if this wasn’t the second injury, the first having been sustained the previous day, and subsequently ignored while taking the decision to continue.

“The party was taken to our base in Ambleside, where the man was examined by paramedics, who subsequently took him to hospital for further examination.

“It was expressed in the strongest possible terms that we didn’t feel that this party should make any attempts to continue their route, being neither equipped, fit enough, nor capable of making the sensible decisions required.

“Only time will tell if they decided to follow this advice.

“It is rare for team members to become angry or frustrated with our casualties, but this was one of those occasions.

“A number of team members removed themselves from the room, because they could no longer listen to the list of excuses for their situation.

“Things they did wrong: setting off on the day with an obvious injury that was not going to repair itself; using a guidebook to navigate rather than maps, and blaming the descriptions in the books for their errors; and having only one torch in a party of three – one more than the previous day.”

The spokesperson said: “Mountain rescue teams to the east: beware!”

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