Lingmell, scene of the 13-hour rescue

Lingmell, scene of the 13-hour rescue

Three walkers were rescued in an overnight operation lasting 13 hours and which involved two teams and two search dogs.

Rescuers had to use 400m (1,300ft) of rope to get to the three men, who ended up on steep dangerous ground while on the Scafell Pike range.

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team was alerted shortly after midnight this morning when the men, in their early 20s rang 999 from their mobile phone.

Richard Warren, chair of the team, said: “Having left at 7.30pm on Sunday evening with adequate equipment – map, compass, lights and torches – the group ascended the mountain via the Flass Knotts, and up into Lingmell Crags to the north side of Piers Gill.

“They became disorientated whilst ascending the craggy area in the low cloud and found themselves on extremely steep and dangerous ground.

“Their approximate location was established and a small group were dispatched to locate them.

“They were located in a very exposed location, high on the Lingmell Crags near Straight Gill.

“Two team members undertook a serious climb to get to their location and make them safe while further team members were called out to assist. This included some very heavy loads being carried to the summit of Lingmell.

“Due to the conditions, the precariousness of their stance, it was decided to wait until first light before evacuating them up the crag.

“A technical haul system using 400m of rescue rope was set up from the summit of Lingmell.

“A team member was lowered 110m – more than 300foot – to reach the stranded scramblers.”

Eleven members of the Wasdale Team were joined in the rescue by eight colleagues from Duddon and Furness MRT and two search and rescue dogs with their handlers.

The rescue operation continued until 1.30pm today.

Mr Warren added: “This was the fifth rescue of the weekend for the Wasdale team: one Saturday, two Saturday night, one Sunday and the above early morning rescue.

“The team are very grateful for the assistance from our neighbouring team Duddon and Furness for their support today in a difficult rescue in horrendous weather.

“Thanks also to the Horse and Groom Inn for the food and drink provided at the end of the rescue.”

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