Wrynose Pass and Hardknott Pass are both closed, rescuers said

Wrynose Pass and Hardknott Pass are both closed, rescuers said

A Lakeland mountain rescue team said its efforts to reach an exhausted walker were hampered by an abandoned 4×4 vehicle blocking the route.

Langdale Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team was called out today to search for a man on Crinkle Crags who rang for help saying he was exhausted and couldn’t carry on walking.

Their rescue was hindered at Three Shire Stone by the abandoned car. A team spokesperson said: “But we managed to get up there with four-wheel drive and chains to access the hill.”

The walker managed to continue and made his way down to Eskdale, where he was found the by Duddon and Furness team who where on their way up to help.

The spokesperson said: “If you’re going out on the hills, be aware: it’s very cold.

“Wasdale MRT rescued a casualty with a head injury whose temperature had dropped to 32C while waiting for rescue.”

Normal body temperature is 37C; a temperature of 32 degrees indicates severe hypothermia and is just four degrees above the stage at which breathing is likely to stop and a casualty appears dead.

The spokesperson also reminded Lake District visitors that both Wrynose Pass, on which the Three Shire Stone stands, and Hardknott Pass to the West are currently closed due to snow.

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