The two women had climbed up the Idwal Slabs. Photo: Ogwen Valley MRO

The two women had climbed up the Idwal Slabs. Photo: Ogwen Valley MRO

Two climbers were rescued after spending the night on a Snowdonia mountain.

The women were airlifted from Glyder Fawr after spending the night in freezing conditions on the hill when they lost their way in darkness after completing a climb.

One of the women, both of whom were from north Wales and in their mid-20s, was taken to hospital for a check-up, suffering from suspected hypothermia.

The pair were, according to rescuers, well equipped and experienced.

They started climbing up the Idwal Slabs in the Glyderau on Tuesday.

Chris Lloyd, of Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation, said by their own account, they ‘started a bit late’.

He said: “They arrived at the top of the Idwal Slabs in darkness. This along with a good dusting of snow, made finding the precise walk-off difficult to locate.

“Rather than risk falling down Suicide Wall, they decided to gain height and find a safer descent. By 2am, they were on the tops. Not knowing exactly where they were, they decided to telephone mountain rescue to ask advice.

“Unfortunately, the phone signal was lost before they could be located by Sarloc.”

Sarloc is the mobile phone software, developed by former OVMRO member Russ Hore, which can pinpoint callers using smartphones’ built-in GPS receivers.

Mr Lloyd said: “However, enough information had been passed to say that they were well equipped and uninjured and there were no great concerns.

“By 5.20am and with a lightening of the skies in the East, they reappeared from their shelter behind rocks to regain the phone signal.

“This time Sarloc was successful placing them on the summit of Glyder Fawr.

“Deploying mountain rescue team members to climb up to them and the escort two cold and stiff people was one option, but a request to 22 Squadron [at RAF Valley] was the other.

“The helicopter quickly located the pair at about 7am.”

One of the women was dropped off by the RAF crew at the Ogwen Valley team’s rescue base, but the other was flown to hospital Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor to be checked for hypothermia.

Mr Lloyd said team members who responded to the 5.19am callout were able to sit in the comfort of the ‘Oggie Base’.

The rescue was the team’s 31st this year.

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