Snow Falls on the Ingleton Waterfalls walk. Photo: N Chadwick CC-BY-SA-2.0

Snow Falls on the Ingleton Waterfalls walk. Photo: N Chadwick CC-BY-SA-2.0

A walker was airlifted to hospital after being swept more than half a mile downstream when he fell into a river at a Yorkshire Dales beauty spot

The 40-year-old man fell into the River Doe at Ingleton Waterfalls on Sunday.

Police said numerous calls were received from members of the public after the incident on the popular walk.

The Cave Rescue Organisation was called out at 3.20pm. A team spokesperson said it was believed the man may have fallen into the water above Snow Falls.

The spokesperson said: “On arrival at the scene, the casualty had already been pulled from the river above Storrs Common by a passer-by, and ambulance and air ambulance paramedics were rapidly on scene.

“The casualty was suffering from multiple injuries and hypothermia having being swept up to a kilometre downstream, so a decision was made to evacuate them rapidly via air ambulance to hospital.

“The casualty was packaged on to a team stretcher, and carried to the air ambulance by team and fire service personnel, before being conveyed to Royal Preston Hospital for treatment.”

The Ingleton Waterfalls walk is a privately owned popular beauty spot north of the village with a route along the Rivers Twiss and Doe, passing a series of waterfalls and cascades.

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