The dog fell more than 300ft from Sharp Edge

The dog fell more than 300ft from Sharp Edge

Rescuers in the Lake District said a casualty was ‘very lucky’ after falling more than 300ft from a notorious ridge.

Members of Keswick Mountain Rescue Team had to show dogged determination as they approached their subject on Sharp Edge: a six-stone rottweiler.

The 38kg dog had slipped off the edge and landed precariously and was stuck on a rocky slab sloping at 45 degrees.

The team was alerted about 3.10pm today and four members made their way to the site on Blencathra.

A spokesperson said: “This looked as if it would be a somewhat problematic rescue.

“But while they were en route, the dog fell off, and went 100m down the fell towards Scales Tarn.

“The owner reported that the dog was standing, which sounded positive; and shortly afterwards, team members at the scene were able to report that the animal appeared unhurt, apart from cuts and abrasions, and was able to walk.”

Rescuers made arrangements for the dog to be assessed at a local vet once the owner had brought it down from the hill.

The spokesperson said it was ‘a very lucky dog’.

Altogether, 11 volunteer team members were involved in the rescue, which lasted 2¼ hours. It was the Keswick team’s 24th callout of the year.

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