The Holme Valley team in action during the Wessenden incident. Photo: Holme Valley MRT

The Holme Valley team in action during the Wessenden incident. Photo: Holme Valley MRT

A mountain biker was airlifted to hospital after suffering a suspected dislocated elbow after coming off her machine in the Peak District.

The 28-year-old was cycling in Wessenden, south of Marsden in West Yorkshire, on Saturday afternoon when she fell from her bike.

Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team was called out to the incident near Wessenden Lodge.

A team spokesperson said: “Initially a crew from Yorkshire Ambulance Service was called to the scene, but HVMRT was mobilised due to the remoteness of the location.”

The team’s Land Rover was driven up Wessenden track to get a stretcher and personnel as close to the scene as possible.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance was also called in, and the helicopter landed in the valley below the accident site.

The casualty was treated at the scene by paramedics before being placed on a mountain rescue stretcher and carried down a steep embankment to the waiting helicopter by members of the Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team.

She was then flown to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary for treatment.

The team spokesperson said: “The site of the accident was about a quarter of a mile up the track above Wessenden Lodge.

“Vehicles can only get as far as the lodge before the track narrows so the situation was providing problems for the ambulance crew.

“The casualty was being looked after by some passing walkers and the ambulance paramedics arrived on the scene on foot to provide treatment.

“The air ambulance was called in, but at that location the track skirts along the steep side of the valley, so the only place it could land was on a flat area of ground some distance below the site.

“Once the ambulance crew had stabilised the casualty we were able to transfer her to our stretcher and carry her down the embankment to the helicopter.”

Fourteen members of Holme Valley team were called out to the incident.

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