The pair reported themselves lost on Scafell Pike

The pair reported themselves lost on Scafell Pike

A major search was mounted after two walkers reported they were lost on England’s highest mountain.

The pair managed to make their way back down to their car as 29 mountain rescuers scoured routes on Scafell Pike in a night-time operation lasting five hours.

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team was called out by police at 6.30pm yesterday.

A team spokesperson said: “We were unable to contact the pair to gather any further information and so an extensive search was started including routes on to Scafell Pike from both Wasdale and Eskdale.

“The walkers were identified when they returned to their vehicle at Wasdale Head having evaded the searchers who were then recalled.”

The team had earlier been asked to help a person who had chest pains in Miterdale, near Eskdale Green.

Team doctors and the crew of an air ambulance went to the incident and other team members were diverted to the Scafell Pike search.

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