The River Wye at Chee Dale. Photo: Andrew Hill CC-BY-SA-2.0

The River Wye at Chee Dale. Photo: Andrew Hill CC-BY-SA-2.0

Two walkers were rescued after getting stuck on steep ground in a Derbyshire dale.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team was called out at 10.40pm yesterday when the two women, described as ‘mature’ by rescuers, got cragfast after taking a wrong route in Chee Dale.

The night-time rescue involved setting up a rope system to aid the two women from their plight on very steep and slippery ground above the River Wye.

A team spokesperson said: “The ladies, who were experienced walkers, one from Buxton and the other a friend from Eastbourne, had set off for an afternoon’s ramble from Millers Dale.

“The traumatic events started when they took a route which they believed to be a path back towards the Monsal Trail.

“Footprints reassured the ladies that they were on a path but in fact these are the prints left by many other walkers who have made the same mistake. The route climbs steeply and becomes very muddy and difficult to walk on.

“By the time the ladies realised their mistake they were unable to get back down the hillside.

“Darkness had fallen by the time the rescue team was alerted by the police. However, the search for the ladies was greatly aided by a family member who had been looking for the couple earlier in the evening and had heard calls in the area of Chee Tor.

“Team members climbed to the spot and set up a technical rope system to assist the ladies back down to the riverside path. However, the steep wooded sides of the valley caused many problems and it was the early hours of Saturday before they were on safe ground.”

The two walkers were taken back to Miller’s Dale and given hot drinks.

The 4½-hour rescue involved 19 volunteer members of the Buxton team.

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