The walkers fell from Swirral Edge into Brown Cove

The walkers fell from Swirral Edge into Brown Cove

A walker has died after falling from England’s third-highest mountain.

A rescue team spokesperson said the injured man died of his injuries overnight in hospital.

Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was called by Cumbria police at 4pm on Saturday following reports of two men having fallen from Swirral Edge on Helvellyn into Brown Cove.

Further reports suggested that there was one injured casualty and a further two who were mobile but on very steep snowy ground.

The group, from Widnes, was descending from Helvellyn when one slipped a short distance from the Swirral Edge ridge; the second person then slipped and fell approximately 300m as he was trying to descend to go to the aid of his fallen friend. The third member of the party was helped off the hill by a passing walker and was taken down to Patterdale rescue base.

Patterdale MRT members were joined by Penrith, Keswick and RAF Valley and Leeming Mountain Rescue Teams.

A Patterdale team spokesperson said: “While en-route a report came in of a second incident, reporting two casualties in Y Gully on Catstye Cam.

“Team members made their way to each location but after searching Y Gully, it became apparent that there was only one incident – with the second incident simply a confusion by passing walkers over the location of the first.

“After a brief search in Brown Cove, the two casualties were located on steep icy ground at the head of the valley below Swirral Edge. They were assessed by a team doctor and one casualty was found to be suffering from multiple injuries including a suspected fractured pelvis, with the second casualty cold but unable to move from his current location.

“The injured walker was put into a stretcher and lowered a short distance down the fell before being winched on board an RAF Sea King which had flown in from Boulmer. The casualty was then flown to Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle.

“The second casualty was walked off the fell with assistance from team members.

“Very sadly, the injured casualty died of his injuries during the night. Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team’s thoughts are with the family and friends at this difficult time.”

The seven-hour rescue operation involved 45 mountain rescuers.

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