Bernie (Kathryn Howden) features in the Mountain Goats series

Bernie (Kathryn Howden) features in the Mountain Goats series

A series following a group of mountain rescue volunteers returns to the television screen this week.

But pray you never have to call out the cast of Mountain Goats, described by the BBC as a ‘ragtag group of mountain rescue volunteers’.

Set in Glen Coe, the comedy series returns to air after a pilot episode, for a series of six half-hour programmes.

Don’t expect too much documentary accuracy in the BBC Scotland comedy series. The BBC says the sitcom features proper kilt-wearing maniacs fighting disaster on a weekly basis against the stunning backdrop of the Glencoe hills.

“When our heroes aren’t out rescuing people, or being rescued themselves, they spend their time in The Old Goat pub – a place of great warmth and camaraderie, where people come in for a quick pint and never want to leave,” the corporation said.

The regulars in the pub are Jimmy (Jimmy Chisholm), an old school mountain goat with a fag burn in his jumper and a glint of mischief in his bloodshot eyes; the wild and mysterious Bill (David Ireland); Bernie, (Kathryn Howden) a cheery, hard-working woman, who keeps the others on the straight and narrow, and Conor, (Kevin Mains) a handsome, easy-going young man who is more than a little bit naive.

Their HQ is in the local pub, and the landlady is Jules (Sharon Rooney), a formidable force of nature who’ll have you out on your ear at the first sign of trouble.

The first episode of Mountain Goats will be shown on BBC One this Friday at 10.35pm.

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