The pair got lost above Twistelton

The pair got lost above Twistelton

Two walkers were rescued after getting lost in the dark while attempting a Three Peaks challenge.

The man and woman, both 36, called for help after getting lost above Twistleton in the Yorkshire Dales.

They had almost completed a Three Peaks walk starting from Ingleton, but found themselves benighted and rang 999.

The Clapham-based Cave Rescue Organisation was called out at 9.45pm on Tuesday and used specialist rescue software to pinpoint the pair’s location, between Whernside and Ingleton.

A team spokesperson said: “They could give their position only in latitude and longitude, so a Sarloc fix was made by CRO. They were advised which wall to follow, then met and escorted off the hill by team members.”

The Sarloc system, devised by former Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation member Russ Hore, sends a link to a person’s smartphone which, when followed, sends a message to rescuers which fixes the position of the casualty using the phone’s built-in GPS receiver.

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