The pair fell at the 'usual gully' on Sharp Edge

The pair fell at the 'usual gully' on Sharp Edge

Two walkers who fell from a Lake District mountain were described as very lucky by rescuers.

One of the men fell 20m (65ft) from Sharp Edge on Blencathra in the incident, which has been the scene of several fatal falls.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team was called out on Tuesday about 1.10pm when the two men fell at the ‘usual gully’ on the grade-one scramble, where walkers have to step on to a narrow edge with steep ground either side.

A team spokesperson said one of them took a tumbling fall into the top of the gully. “Although he had taken a bang on the head, he was able to scramble part of the way back up,” the spokesperson said, “but both then became cragfast about 4 to 5m from the top.

“The team turned out one vehicle immediately with another following, and some going direct. Once on scene, the gully was rigged ready to extract the two casualties, and they were assisted to the lower path.

“They were then able to walk off the ridge without assistance. They were very fortunate, for Sharp Edge in wet weather is very slippery and polished, even when drying out, and there have been some serious and fatal incidents here.”

Hall's Fell Ridge, Blencathra

Hall's Fell Ridge, Blencathra

The four-hour rescue involved 18 Keswick MRT members, seven of whom were immediately called into action again on Blencathra, when two people got into difficulties on steep ground after taking a wrong route.

The woman and her partner became cragfast when trying to descend from the fell via Hall’s Fell Ridge.

The team spokesperson said: “Unfortunately the pair mistook what is locally known as ‘The Parachute Route’, the descent used by Bob Graham Round runners, for the top of the ridge, and in descending it, then found themselves in the very inhospitable area of Gategill.

“A small team went out and led them to safety through the heather-covered scree back to the descent path, and then gave them a lift back to their car.”

Team members were involved for a further three hours.

Search dog Rona joined the rescue of the trio from near Esk Hause. Photo: Keswick MRT

Search dog Rona joined the rescue of the trio from near Esk Hause. Photo: Keswick MRT

On Sunday, the Keswick team volunteers were involved in the 6¼-hour rescue of three men lost in the dark on the Scafell Pike range.

The team was alerted shortly after 6pm when the trio reported themselves lost to the East of Great End.

The Keswick MRT spokesperson said: “Although they had torches, map and compass, they seemed to be unable to find a way down.

“The team suggested a direction in which to walk, where they would locate the path down to Seathwaite. After a further two hours, a further call was received saying they were unable to find a way.

“At this point, a group of four team members and search dog Rona were dispatched to locate them. They were discovered at Calf Cove Shelter at 11.30pm, and walked down to Seathwaite, arriving at 12.50am.”

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