The incident happened at the Kinder Downfall waterfall

The incident happened at the Kinder Downfall waterfall

A walker was airlifted from the highest hill in the Peak District after suffering a broken ankle.

Kinder Mountain Rescue Team was called out on Sunday afternoon after reports of the incident at the Kinder Downfall area of Kinder Scout.

An air ambulance also flew to the scene and the team also requested a search and rescue helicopter for the incident.

A team spokesperson said: “We were tasked to assist a person who had fallen 10ft and suffered a compound fracture of the ankle.

“Helimed had already been tasked but we were initially uncertain as to whether this person was actually a fallen climber so a request was also made for an SAR-H helicopter in case a winch was needed.

“However further information came through that the person was a walker and on the plateau so SAR-H was stood down. While our hill parties made their way there, Helimed was able to land and recover the person so our teams could then stand down and return to base.”

The callout involved 20 volunteer members of Kinder MRT.

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