The Lake District: A Restless Year airs this evening. Photo: Tom Beldam/BBC

The Lake District: A Restless Year airs this evening. Photo: Tom Beldam/BBC

Following the broadcast of Terry Abraham’s Life of a Mountain: Blencathra earlier this week, the BBC is offering more Lakeland eye candy.

The Lake District: A Restless Year is a new perspective on a year in the life of the national park, produced using fixed cameras in various positions in the Cumbrian countryside.

The programme will air this evening.

The BBC said: “Fixed cameras all over the Lake District show the scenery as it transforms.

“Changes that take weeks and months appear to pass in seconds. As the year begins, ice and snow give way to the green and sunshine – and truly British rain – of spring and summer, followed by the violent storms and deep-freeze of autumn and winter.

“Throughout this, the animals, plants and people that call the Lake District home have to weather everything that this stunning landscape can throw at them.”

Elsewhere, the one-hour programme follows unique Lake District stories as they continue to unfold. Herdwick sheep give birth to their lambs, signalling the traditional start of the year, while climbers rescue sheep trapped on rocky ledges, caterpillars gingerly ‘disarm’ seed pods so they can feed before the pods explode, and the record floods of December 2015 rip through the fells and towns alike.

“Deep within ancient drystone walls, baby slugs have the perfect place to hatch, and tiny jumping spiders hunt amongst the rocks,” the broadcaster said. “Tourists brave the April showers, while thousands of people take to the water in the biggest lake swimming event in Europe.

“From shepherds herding thousands of sheep down from the mountain tops, to red squirrels –in one of their few English strongholds – burying nuts to feed themselves over winter, to mountaineers braving the frozen peaks, each story takes a new approach to show the challenges of living with the turbulent and unpredictable year.”

The programme makers said the piece uses a huge range of photographic techniques to portray England’s largest national park, where nothing stands still and everything is in a state of continuous change.

The Lake District: A Restless Year will be broadcast on Friday, 17 February at 9pm on BBC Two.

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