An all-female team from Torquay Girls Grammar School finishes a previous Ten Tors Challenge. Photo: Corporal Daniel Wiepen

An all-female team from Torquay Girls Grammar School finishes a previous Ten Tors Challenge. Photo: Corporal Daniel Wiepen

Thousands of young people will take to the hills this weekend as part of the annual Ten Tors challenge.

The small, self-sufficient teams will spend two days navigating Dartmoor in the Army-organised event.

Alongside the Ten Tors, hundreds of young people with special needs will take part in the Jubilee Challenge. Participants enter the challenge as a member of a team or as an individual. As with the Ten Tors, they are required to trek and navigate across northern Dartmoor to specified checkpoints.

The Jubilee Challenge celebrates its 40th anniversary this year and to recognise the milestone the national park is providing special certificates to all those completing the event.

Dartmoor National Park Authority said it has been working closely with the Army and team managers to ensure that the Ten Tors event has minimum impact on the fabric of the moor and its wildlife. National Park rangers and voluntary wardens will be on hand throughout the weekend to monitor and provide support.

Bill Hitchins, the authority chairman, said: “Dartmoor National Park Authority has for many years worked closely with the organisers, landowners and commoners to minimise the environmental impact of the Ten Tors challenge and to maximise the local economic benefits of event.

“Ten Tors and the associated Jubilee Challenge provide a unique opportunity for young people to experience Dartmoor’s special qualities and the challenge of the natural environment.

“The authority also recognises that all the training beforehand, as well the event itself, can help foster a passion in young people to help look after this very special place. It will be great to see the beaming smiles of all team members as they cross the Ten Tors finishing line, tired but very proud of what they have achieved.

“We wish all those taking part in Ten Tors and Jubilee Challenge 2017 the very best.”

This year, with the support of the organisers, participants, team leaders, parents and supporters are being asked to put something back into Dartmoor by contributing to the National Park’s Donate for Dartmoor scheme.

This can be by volunteering time or making a financial contribution to the work carried out by the national park authority. All funds raised are spent on conservation projects.

One of Dartmoor’s Moor Otter sculptures will also be present in the main hanger. Moor Otters are a series of unique pieces of art which will be displayed in public accessible areas in and around the national park and gateway towns from 1 June to 15 September 2017.

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