The women got lost near Sulber. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

The women got lost near Sulber. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

Two walkers attempting a challenge route were rescued after getting lost in the dark.

The two 25-yeaer-old women reported themselves benighted between Ingleborough and Horton in Ribblesdale while tackling the Yorkshire Three Peaks on Friday.

The Cave Rescue Organisation was called out shortly after 11pm to Sulber Nick.

A team spokesperson said: “CRO members soon found them and escorted them down to Horton. Moonlight and their single small light had been inadequate for them to find their way.”

The team was in action again the following day when a caver reported finding a sheep that had fallen down a pothole on the slopes of Ingleborough. The caver was unable to bring the animal to the surface as it was too heavy.

A small team of CRO members made their way to Rosebay Pot on Newby Moss about 5.30pm on Saturday and brought the sheep, which was 18m below ground, to the surface and released it on to the fell.

The main chamber of Gaping Gill. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

The main chamber of Gaping Gill. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

On Wednesday, team members attended two incidents in Gaping Gill, the large pothole on the slopes of Ingleborough. Bradford Pothole Club, which was holding its annual event during which members of the public can descend into the main chamber by winch, called for help after a young boy injured himself underground.

The spokesperson said: “The casualty had descended into the main chamber of Gaping Gill via the BPC winch and was exploring further cave passages with his father when he fell and injured his hip.

“The casualty was attended to by BPC members and extracted by BPC and CRO from Sand Cavern back to the main chamber in a stretcher. Once there, he was able to sit in the winch chair to be lifted to the surface, then taken by Yorkshire Air Ambulance to a road ambulance in Clapham village.”

During the rescue, a 60-year-old caver who was helping with the winch descents at the foot of the cavern began suffering chest pains.

The spokesperson said: “He rode to the surface in the winch chair where his condition was assessed and stabilised by a Bradford Pothole Club member and Yorkshire Air Ambulance.”

He was stretchered to the helicopter that had returned to the scene after dealing with the injured boy.

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