Angletarn Pikes and Boredale Hause. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

The woman was reported lost near Angletarn Pikes. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

Take a map, compass and torch with you when you head for the hills.

That’s the message from rescuers who had to go to the aid of a walker who got lost on a Lake District fell when night descended.

The woman was walking alone near Angletarn Pikes on Monday when she became disoriented in the dark.

Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was alerted at 11.50pm.

A team spokesperson said: “The team was able to successfully locate the female by requesting she download the app OS Locate which, when installed, provided the team with an accurate grid reference. This grid gave a location close to Satura Crag.

“As the female was uninjured the team sent a small party to via Hayeswater to assist with her walk off.

“The team would like to take this opportunity to emphasise the need to carry a map, compass and torch at all times.”

Three Patterdale MRT members took part in the three-hour rescue.

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