Brechfa Forest. Photo: Ian Medcalf CC-BY-SA-2.0

Brechfa Forest. Photo: Ian Medcalf CC-BY-SA-2.0

Rescuers have urged walkers to take care when going for trips in dense woodland after a couple got lost in a south Wales forest.

The pair rang for help on Tuesday when they became lost in Brechfa Forest.

Police alerted Western Beacons Mountain Search and Rescue Team whose co-ordinator attempted to work out where the walkers were.

Team member Trevor James said: “As they had no map and compass or smartphone, it proved impossible to be certain which way the pair would be heading if an attempt to walk them off over the phone was made.

“With the additional risk of their perhaps losing phone signal and becoming even more lost, it was decided that they should stay put and help would come to them.

“Despite police officers being despatched to the couple’s believed location, it was decided to begin deploying the team in case the couple’s believed position was wrong and a wider search needed.

“Thankfully, police officers managed to reach the couple who were very tired, footsore and had run out of food and water some time earlier, and return them back to their car. The team, still en route, were then stood down.”

Mr James warned walkers using forests that they needed to pay close attention to navigation.

He said: “We would especially urge anyone undertaking a forest walk to ensure that they always have a map and compass plus the ability to use them.

“The nature of forests, with restrictive lines of sight, a tendency to look the same and the numerous forestry tracks that often criss-cross them, makes paying attention to navigation very important. Relocation in the event of becoming lost and quickly become tricky, as this couple discovered.”

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