Extreme weather is affecting Snowdonia's mountains. Photo: Snowdonia NPA

Extreme weather is affecting Snowdonia's mountains. Photo: Snowdonia NPA

National park bosses in Snowdonia are urging mountaineers to stay off the area’s peaks.

The authority said Snowdon has been under a cover of snow for some time, but the recent spell of snow showers means that the conditions on the mountain are now extreme.

“The first layer of snow has now frozen and compacted, and with the accumulation of fresh snow there is a high likelihood of avalanches,” a spokesperson said.

“In these conditions mountaineers should stay off the slopes of Snowdon and other peaks until the Met Office’s red warning for snow conditions, which is the most severe warning, has been downgraded. Once conditions have improved, anyone who ventures onto the hills must have the appropriate experience and skills and all the necessary equipment.

“For those unfamiliar with the mountain, the paths are very difficult to navigate, and one wrong step could prove fatal. If walkers are not wearing appropriate clothing that can withstand such cold and harsh conditions, hypothermia is an additional threat.”

The national park authority provides a ground-condition monitoring service on Snowdon. Information can be accessed by following the bilingual @snowdonweather Twitter account, and the same information is available on the mountain weather section of the Met Office website.

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